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I had my house winterized but when I turned the water on in the spring there were several broken pipes, why?  E-mail
General FAQs

Many companies offer winterizing for plumbing systems but what I have found is that they simply drain the water heater, turn off the pump or main water shut off valve, pour some antifreeze (sometimes even automotive antifreeze) in the toilets and call it good. The only person this is good for is the person who collected the payment for the winterizing and won’t hear back from you until spring.

If a home is winterized correctly all the above will be done but most importantly is that all the pipes are injected with non toxic antifreeze. If the pipes are just blown out with air there is a possibility that any residual water could collect in a low spot and burst the pipe in freezing temperatures.  Using automotive antifreeze is a major no no. Automotive antifreeze will kill the anaerobic bacteria in your septic system and could leach into your drinking water. It is also against the law for environmental reasons.